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So Fl Renaissance Fair

Monday 14 March 2011 - Filed under Events

Yes, we have one, too.

and it’s a great place for taking photos.

Here’s the youngest (that I know of) in the performing group. She’s 18 months old and I think her name is Lilly.

There was an entire fleet of fairies at the fair (that makes sense, doesn’t it?)

(or is she a faun? confusing because she has wings, but she also has horns.)

other (types of)  ladies were there, too.

What else? Let’s see. A falconer,

Mistress Mary,

Someone who dressed up for the occasion (a time traveler, perhaps?), and

B, who came to take photos, too.

For more photos, go to my christine davis site.

2011-03-14  »  Christine

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